A day in South Africa (holiday edition)


Hey guys,
During my December/Christmas holidays (which already feels like 10 years ago!),I went to  South Africa (Cape Town);-this was a holiday destination I had wanted to go for ages and finally we were able to go.
Our first full day in SA was one of my most memorable days.We went up Table Mountain and then took a sunset bus in the evening and went on top of Signal Hill to capture the setting of the sun.
To begin with,I totally underestimated how cold it was going to be at the top of the mountain and wore my thin summer clothes which was a TOTAL mistake as I became an icicle up the mountain.... Literally,the one thing that saved me was my GAP hoodie which I just quickly took as a just in case! I paired the hoodie with a floral top from  Next ,plain back leggings from Forever21 alongside my favourite black converses and a pinky(ish) headscarf.To be honest I didn't really take proper outfit pictures but I have some of me taking in the amazing views at the top of table mountain.


The view at the top of the mountain was beyond words.It was just simply stunning and I TOTALLY get why its one of the seven wonders of the world,it really is amazing! Looking down to a view which was utterly breathtaking it was a surreal moment! Being so high made you feel like you were on top of the world and well who doesn't want to feel like that?! 


After visiting Table Mountain we went back to our hotel to  get refreshed before our sunset bus tour!
The sun did not set clearly at the top that day but the sky changing colour and the clouds looking like they were about to dip into the sea was just an amazing picture oppurtunity for me and I TOTALLY loved it.I also loved the atmosphere at the top of Signal Hill  where families would all come with picnic blankets and baskets having a lovely time with their family whilst taking in such a spectacular view.
After the sunset was over we were all knackered and decided to end our day by grabbing a bite to eat at the extensively  large food court at the V&A Waterfront mall.Picking one place to eat from in the ENORMOUS food court was SO difficult because I wanted pretty much everything! In the end,I opted for Simply Asia this was a thai food and noodle bar place and I ordered some prawn noodles which I told the staff to make EXTRA spicy (being a simple standard Asian haha!).I loved the noodles and as I'm writing this blog post I am craving it so bad! I find it SO difficult to get Thai/Chinese food that is made properly and has so much flavour and Simply Asia really did raise the bar.And for dessert I went for a classic-A scoop of Haagen Daz AKA faveee!

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to let me know in the comments below and suggestions you have for future blog posts and if you'd like to see any changes!
-MJ signing out 16/02/16





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  1. At last I finally know how your experience was👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  2. AMAZING!! i love it, wish i could go back!!!

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  3. You have sculpted the ideas of food travel and fashion clearly and I hope your ideas fall through in the future x love your posts


  4. Now I want to visit SA!!The picture quality was fantabuolous☺️can you please do February favs? Thank you x

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  5. Your photography is amazing! Can you recommend any good restaurants in London? Thanks x

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  6. do a post on all the places that you want to travle

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  7. This is so cool!!!
    Keep it up jumani xx
    Love you


  8. Wow!! Such amazing pictures; South Africa is definitely a place I want to visit👌🏼

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  9. South Africa is so beautiful, I’m extremely jealous! 🙂


  10. Amazing post, great photography


  11. ahh beauuutiful pictures! now I really wanna go there! 😀
    xoxo fey / http://www.feymous.blogspot.com

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  12. so lucky you was there,such a beautiful country,definitely on the top of my bucket list



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