February beauty faves


So since the last time I updated on this blog school has completely taken over and exam period is soon about to commence but that didn’t stop me from me this blog post!

One of the comments on my previous post suggested for me to do a monthly favourites and I thought I’d do just that.So here is what I’ve been loving throughout the month:


Okay so to start with; the Pink warm and cozy body mist has been my go to mist this month! For starters can we just take a moment for how big the bottle is!! I brought this way back in November and have been using it ever since but this month I have been completely loving it and it still seems full! So it really is good value for money (£15). I’m really bad at describing scents but it has a very sweet smell so if your not into that I wouldn’t recommend it.One downfall has got to be the scent isn’t very long lasting and has to be constantly topped up.But overall it is a great go to mist that I love.



The next thing I have been loving is the Lush mask of magnaminty. Personally,for me I have very sensitive skin and I just wanted a product that would prevent breakouts and make my skin smooth and refreshed and the mask did exactly that! I was a bit hesitant on buying it as I really wasn’t sure if it was going to work and I was scared my skin would react to it but luckily they have a self preserving version which is especially tailored for sensitive skin! The mask has a strong peppermint smell which really wakes up the skin and makes you feel refreshed.It can also be used on the body as well which is just an extra bonus! I brought the small pack just to try out for £5.75 and its absolutely worth the money,despite getting the small one it still has so much product in it and I would totally recommend it;to anyone who has sensitive skin prone to breakouts or just for a refreshing face scrub!

Recently I have been loving dark and brown coloured lipsticks and lipliners.

Version 2

The first lipstick I have been using is the MAC lipstick in Plastique.This is a shimmering brown colour and looks really good.I usually do not go for shimmering lipsticks but this  is a really pretty colour and I can always matte it with press powder if needed.

Next,I have been COMPLETELY OBSESSED with the Kiko smart lipliners .They are literally so amazing.I somehow ended up buying 6 of these mainly in the brown/red/purple tones. They are so pigmented and long lasting and are totally affordable.I got these in the shades 700 light sienna,702-coral,703-rosewood,704-rosewood,711-light plum,712-rose mauve. I would recommend using a chapstick before applying these as they are very matte and tend to dry out the lips.


And of course being winter all the candles  had come out and I love the cute scented candles from  Primark.I got them in the scents pink grapefruit and blackcurrant and forest plums.The blackcurrant and forest plums smells amazzzinggg it literally just reminds me of Autumn and I love it! And these  are only £1!!! I totally recommend these as they look cute and smell awesome.

I have also been loving the Virgin mojito body sorbet from Body shop which is so refreshing to moisturise your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and fresh.This works on sensitive skin aswell and is something different from you average body lotion as it not only moisturises but really cools down and awakens the skin!

Last but not least is a random favourite of the month which is my phone case! Following a recent obsession and love of mine with unicorns ( don’t ask!) My friend presented me with this phone case that I TOTALLY adore and love and I would just like to leave you all with what it says: “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then always be a  unicorn.”.I totally agree!

And that is a wrap on my February favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading this and make sure to comment down below with suggestions for future posts!


-MJ signing out 5/3/15




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  1. love all the faves!!!! definitely going to try all the ones i haven’t!!

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  2. Great post definitly looking to try some products !


  3. Might try some of these prouducts soon x

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  4. Loving the fantastic reviews! I’ll be trying some of these products soon!xx

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  5. Woooow I love ur blog so many vibes and omg it’s so nice .. So gonna try the products xx

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  6. I love your blog, and this blog post is awesome. Keep it up!!

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  7. Lots of beautiful favorites without a doubt! xx adaatude.com

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  8. The Kiko lip liners sound fab, it’s a brand I’ve not really bought much from but I’ve heard so many good things lately! x

    Always, Alice


  9. Awesome blog 🙂 and thanks ..I was debating whether or not to get the pink body mist .


  10. Those products look so good! Great post ^^

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  11. Awesome blog!

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  12. Loved this, especially your photography x
    I have just started a blog myself, if you have any tips I would be so grateful x

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  13. I love the lush masks, my absolute fave is the coffee one!

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  14. Your photography skills are really good!

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