A collection of sunsets

Recently,I’ve been loving taking pictures of sunsets- they’re just so calming,beautiful and magical.And I’m clearly really drawn into them.

So this blog post is just a showcase of the many sunset pictures I have taken.Most of these are taken in the comfort of my room- which is in the loft (the best place to take sunset pictures).I hope you enjoy! Xx






Now Im not sure if these really count but I do love them so 🙂 Taken-24/12/15 SA


And the collection continues…I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions below!

And remember: ‘Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn’ 🙂


-MJ signing out 17/3/15




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  1. wow, great! keep up the amazing posts.

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  2. So interesting and cool!!!!! Hahahaha i loved this blog post 😀

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  3. Absolutely beautiful, you take amazing pictures, keep them coming! ☺

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  4. the second set are my fave of them all (even though they are all stunning)

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  5. really love the pictures!!!

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  6. Beautiful photos! I would love to see a collection of sunrises.

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  7. Nice collection! I’m feel the same way. Waking up in a wonderful view is just perfect. =)


  8. I wish my photography was that good

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  9. There are beautiful pictues! You’re really good at photography and an inspiration!


  10. They are beautiful photos (I share your love of sunsets!) You’re great at photography and an inspiration!

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  11. Ohhh, these photos are amazing! You’re really good at photography! I want you to make a collection of sunrises

    All the love,
    Kiwitro xoxox


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