Reviewing sticky wings.

As you all know just by the URL of this blog I am FOOD OBSESSED!! And recently the amount of eating out has just increased I’ve become more of a foodie than ever before (If thats even possible!). But I thought I would just share my favourite restaurants recently that I’ve been loving.

STICKY WINGS- Based in Brick Lane a place us Londoners all know and love on the corner is an amazing wings place. I’m usually not the biggest fan of wings and just find them normal but this place never fails to amaze me and thats probably why its rated to have “The best buffalo wings in the UK”.Okay don’t judge me but I’ve been there twice recently and both times Ive thoroughly enjoyed it to the bone ( no pun intended 😉 ).

The Menu isn’t one with  a lot of variety but its got everything that you need to try on it AKA the wings. The Menu is also split into a US portion and a UK Portion size. The US portion size comes with 11 wings and fries and a dip,and the UK one consists of five wings,fries and a dip. The prices I think are really reasonable for both the portion size and the taste. The restaurant also offers a selection of burgers,wraps and various other sides.

My favourites to get there are usually the US portion size wings as you can then choose two flavours of wings whereas in the UK portion you can only choose one flavour which is a little disappointing. My favourite flavours are the buffalo and BBQ wings with the ranch or blue cheese dip and I would really recommend those.For all the chilli lovers out there;the chilli wings are really really spicy so thats something you would really enjoy! In all honesty the Jerk wings are the most dissapointing as  we found them to have a really odd sweet taste to them which didn’t appeal to me.

Aside from the wings I would really recommend the wrap. In the wrap you can choose what flavour of chicken you want from the 4 options and I always opt for chilli without realising how Chilli it would actually be! The wraps are so flavoursome and a really huge portion size.They’re packed with boneless chicken strips with the flavour you chose ,alongside salad and sauce and is really filling (usually never finish mine). One flavour I wouldn’t recommend getting in the wrap is again the Jerk chicken as it tastes really bland.

Overall,the restaurants food is really nice and it is certified HALAL for all the Muslims but they do sell hard drinks. Another downfall is the waiting time of the food which can take upto 30 mins as the food is made fresh so for anyone that super hungry I wouldn’t come here!Another thing is the atmosphere due to the selling go the hard drinks and the casual diner like vibe of the restaurant  I wouldn’t recommend coming with family at night as often it is very loud and crowded in comparison in daytime it is much more quieter and calmer. Overall I would give the restaurant a 8/10



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